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General Requirement for Retro-reflective Sheeting

The external surface of the retro-reflective sheeting shall be smooth and bright, and there shall not be any obvious defect or damage on the surface of the retro-reflective sheeting, such as the scratch, stripe, bubble, uneven color or uneven retro-reflection. The release paper shall be smooth and clean without any bubble, blemish or other impurities.
The retro-reflective sheeting is usually supplied in a roll. The retro-reflective sheeting in a roll  shall be wound to the rigid core evenly, flatly and tightly, and there shall not be any ragged edge, deformation, defect or independent material. The length of each retro-reflective sheeting shall not be less than 45.72m, and it is necessary to provide the margin for 0.30m at least. It is necessary to reduce the end breakage for the whole retro-reflective sheeting as much as possible. If the splicing is inevitable, it can not be spliced in the width direction, and the adapters in the length direction shall not be more than three. The splicing shall be seen at the edge of the retro-reflective sheeting in roll. Each splicing shall be reserved with 0.5m retro-reflective sheeting. The continuous length of each retro-reflective sheeting shall not be less than 10m.