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Weathering Performance of reflective film

Carry out the continuous natural exposure or artificial weathering test in the specified method. Upon completion of the test (taking the continuous natural exposure as the standard):
a) There shall not be any obvious crack, scratch, dent, bubble, erosion, stripping, pulverization or deformation.
b) There shall not be any shrinkage more than 0.8mm from any edge, or  the reflective film warps or detaches from the edge of the base plate.
c) Various color of the chromaticity coordinate and luminance factor for the retro-reflective sheet shall be within corresponding specified scope.
d) When the viewing angle is 0.20 and the entrance angle is -40, 150 and 300, the coefficient of the level-1, level-2 and level-3 retro-reflective sheet shall not be lower than 80% of corresponding specified value, and the coefficient of the level-4 and level-5 retro-reflective sheet shall not be lower than 50% of corresponding specified value.