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Salt Spray Test for Reflective Sheeting

Dissolve the pure chemical sodium chloride into the distilled water to produce the 5% ±0.1% (mass ratio) salt solution (the pH value is 6.5 - 7.2) according to GB/T 2423.17, so as to spray this salt solution in the salt spray cabinet continuously and maintain the temperature 35°C±2°C in the cabinet. The sample size is 150mm * 150 mm and the tested surface is 30° with the vertical direction. There is a certain clearance between two adjacent samples, the line space is no less than 75 mm, and the sample is exposed to the salt space for 120 hrs continuously. Upon completion of the test, rinse the salt deposit on the surface of the sample gently by the flowing water, and wash it by the distilled water, and then place it in the standard environmental condition to restore for 2hrs. Finally, thoroughly inspect the sample by the 4x magnifier according to the requirement of current standard.