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High Refractive Index Glass Beads

High refractive index glass beads are using the second half aluminum-plating surface of high refractive index glass beads as a reflector to the post, which are very reverse of the retro-reflective performance, to 85% of the direct reflection of light back to the light source. When the light illuminate on the high refractive index glass beads surface, owing to high refractive functionality, the light focuses on the special reflective lay, strikes the back surface of glass beads and returns to its source. So that you are able to see the very bright reflective light.
Our high-refraction glass beads is classified into refractive index is between 1.93 and 2.2, the rate of opacity: ≤ 1%, the rate of the whole roundness: ≥ 95%. According to the color can be divided into the white and the gray two kinds. Reflection brightness changes along with the amount of adding powder.
High refractive index glass beads can be used as key elements in producing reflective products. Such as reflective sheeting, reflective fabrics and traffic marks, vehicle license enlargement, advertisement, airport runway, life saving devices on navigation, as well as clothes, hats, schoolbags.