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Cutting Consideration for Retroreflective Sheeting

Please view the label of the package and check whether the model, specification and color comply with the requirement before the use. Otherwise, don't unpack the articles, and contact our company without hesitate.


Operating Environment: Please place it in the environment with the temperature 18 -28 (it may be 8 - 30 for XW3100 and XW5100) and relative humidity 30 - 60 for more than 24 hrs (the coating and curving are the same as this), and ensure the cleanness of the operating site and tools.


Make the coating surface upward during the spreading, and prevent from damaging by the tools or hard material. The operators better to  put on the silk or cotton gloves when they cut the high intensity retro-reflective sheet, and cut off it by the sharp blade at the angle 10°- 30°, to prevent the burr from the cutting. Make the coating surface upward after the cutting, and place it in the flat platform whose dimension is greater than the cutting retro-reflective sheet. Prohibit it if there is the tunnel phenomenon. Cover it with the plastic bag and bind it to prevent from absorbing the moisture if it is not used in time. It is necessary to control the stack height and not apply any heavy articles in it when you stack the small area retro-reflective sheet with the identical dimension and shape.


It is necessary to wind the unused reflective sheeting to the original paper pipe, and fix it at both ends and the middle of the broad width by the adhesive tape, and then cover it with the plastic bag and load it into the plastic support before you put it into the original package box. Don’t place it on the ground or arrange it against the wall, to prevent the tunneling and wrinkling phenomenon.


When you scratch in the high intensity reflective sheeting, please use the share blade with proper angle, pressure and scratching rate. If the blade angle is sharp too much, it is easy to break at the scratch turning point.

Don't use the different batches of the retro-reflective sheets in the same sign board.