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Announcing Historic Pas de Deux between WRAPHABILLEMENT and The Royal Danish Ballet

Key Features of WRAPHABILLEMENT include:

  • SMARTSHIELD™ - an embedded patent-pending pocket system reduces cell phone EMF & microwaves, without limiting transmission or receipt of data and phone calls.
  • Forearm Pocket - carry the essentials discretely without having to carry a handbag.
  • Mitts – sewn into the jacket; reflective fabric ensures visibility and keeps hands warm.
  • Hood – Stylish cowl or fold away hood keeps you dry when unexpected precipitation attempts to interfere with your day.
  • Schoeller® Fabrics – jackets are composed of the finest Schoeller® tech fabrics. They wick, breath, create warmth and protect from wind and moisture. Schoeller® AG produces fabrics in accordance with Bluesign, the strictest environmental standard.

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