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Net profit expected by shareholders, 100% - 130%

21st Century Reuters December 5 evening, TD optical announcement: the company expects full year 2011 attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit profit 7326.33-8425.28 million, up 100% over the previous year - 130%. Dominion said in a statement optics, as the company's new 3.5 million square meters reflective film production line, production capacity, making the main business income to achieve higher growth.

Related stock movements
28.59 +1.304.76% TD TD optical optical November reflective sheeting 22 listing day, rose 25.04%, to close at 28.76 yuan. But then two weeks tumbled today (December 5) to close at 24.81 yuan, with the first day of the closing bid decline of 13.7%.

According to the published TD optical financial situation, since 2008, operating profit and net profit have increased steadily. Third quarter 2011 operating profit of 65.0561 million yuan, net profit of 58.0251 million yuan, net profit rate of 17.77%.

The Dominicans and the information network on the reflective fabric recent share price movements are not good optics, and information that may fall tomorrow TD optical or low volatility. Up efforts to slow down in recent days; stock's recent main cost 26.43 yuan, the price has been below the cost of running, was weak, there may be further down; the weekly trend is still down.

Guoxin Securities that the reflective material is mainly used for the field of traffic safety and personal protection fields, billboards, reflective uniforms and other new potential application areas, the next few years the market growth is expected to remainre flective material around 20%. And as with the rising cost of domestic products, domestic enterprises are accelerating the development of alternative access to super-growth industry. Dominion reflective material in the field of optical technology, the cost advantage of outstanding earnings growth faster. The target price at 28.08 / share