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Forte multiple facilities in Central World, "Out"

Recently, the North Central Business District "chief commercial eco-territory," Forte Central World two, "Villa Green Bay" officially unveiled. This set of work, life, leisure Trinity total construction area of ​​about 32 million square meters, the three standard office buildings, 110 eco-detached, 5 customized office component. It is reported that the project wasHigh Refractive Glass Beads officially opened November 19."Outside" world is accessible

North Central Business District of Shanghai has always been a focus on promoting the modernization of life-service area. According to statistics, from January to May period, the North Central tax revenue increased by 36.41%, year on year sales increase of over 50% again, the biggest increase among the major business district before.

Forte project located in the North Central, Central, world center of the hinterland, and with its unique geographical and transportation advantages of riding the North Central housing market. Two blocks away from the North-South Elevated distance toHigh Refractive Index Glass Beads  Metro Line 7 1.2 km from Shanghai Railway Station is less than 7 km from People's Square, Jing'an Temple and other cities in the core business district 12 kilometers, just 20 minutes drive by car. Imagine these are all the owners in Central and convenient living. And next to the item with the Shanghai-Nanjing, Shanghai-Jiading, Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed inter-city three, just like so many foreign buyers of passenger traffic for the project in Central and convenient world feel good.

"Inside" the immune

It is worth mentioning that the world is complex in the Central, Central, next to the only villa project, the entire community is embracing two natural river, up to retroreflective material  470 meters along the Greenbelt, the owners bring green life. The launch of the two products are all 110 sets of single-family references ecological, low-density high-oxygen-centered design, people and vehicles throughout the district using the construction model, it is up 41% of green coverage.

In the Unit, the Central world are using ground and three basement design, each household has a private elevator machine room. Hollowing out the overall framework of the basement structure, so that space becomes more and stretch, moisture-proofvehicle marking Tape double wall isolation process, a unique 14-meter 90 degrees so that the basement wall of bright light transparent. In addition, the use of a large area of ​​6.9 m high ceiling windows with special reflective material, so that the ultimate beauty greeted at the same time improve the privacy of the villa.