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Borrow bus lane school bus will no more security in guangzhou?

Distance school bus accident in gansu province qingyang carry less than a month, December 7, at about 6, shenzhen south bay a school bus in violation of light truck hit, killing 13 children were injured. Barrage of school bus accident, cause people to the school bus safety problems and round of questioning round.
November 27,, the fifth national women and children work meeting, Chinese premier wen jiabao has asked the legislation office of the state council in a month drawn up the school bus safety ordinance. In guangzhou, statistics show that by the end of November 17 of the last two months, guangzhou traffic police accumulative total more than 36000 vehicle-timeses check the school bus, investigate the school bus transportation illegal behavior more than 1100 cases. For such a serious situation, guangzhou bureau chief flexor sentry says, education, transportation department issued new rules to school bus management, now is collected the suggestion. The school bus borrow bus lane speed limit, reduced to 60 km/hour, all in consideration.
The importance of the school bus safety without a doubt. So, the school bus safety out what in where?
SMW reporter survey, guangzhou most school Commercial Grade Reflective Film bus all belong to private school, and the school bus most business, leaving some schools may not need not reduce the cost of the dining hall even the way, to make up for the losses of the school bus. At the same time, the school bus rental market chaos, and for the school bus safety buried hidden trouble.
We look forward to, the new school bus safety regulations, can as premier wen jiabao said, "to make the school bus become the safety of the students flow for the children the building, establish safe worry about green channel".
More than 10 years vehicles can't when the school bus
"Guangzhou's school bus spraying of unified color, body have obvious school bus, in the future, we will also mark compulsory for body to identify the report calls." A few days ago, the deputy director of the bureau of guangzhou WuJiang when accepting a reporter to about school bus safety problems of interviews that, guangzhou in years ago has made out of school, and the management rules, school, and is more on the hardware requirements to national standards, more than 10 years of vehicle to exit the school bus, and parents are welcome to the education department at any time to report illegal illegal school bus.
WuJiang said school bus drivers must have the corresponding must driving type 3 years or above experience of safe driving, and recent three years are not written any scoring cycle with 12 points record, no cause person casualties of the traffic accident liability. The school must and school bus drivers of appointment and signed the safe driving. 4 every driver must be signed when issued by the driver (nearly a month of individual) material.
School bus driver can't be casual
Guangzhou in the school bus on the use and management of "fixed" system (for vehicles, time, and set the route, and set the drivers), which set the school bus route has provisions of the fixed line running every day, and shall not be literally changed toEngineering Grade Reflective Sheeting parents in supervision. School bus driver in the regulation of, can't is the school's casual, must is in the list employees, if due to traffic violations must score penalty, the driver will never engage in the school bus driver position.
It is reported, judge whether the school bus accord with a standard, parents can from the following three aspects to observe, including seat belts, armrest, security devices and car window light transmittance. Guangzhou school bus to the provisions of the internal hardware is like this: close to the channel of the children should be set in the channel side seat parallel to the chair cushion the seat armrest; Every child seat all should device seat belts, children's school bus and elementary school students of the school bus from the lower edge of the lateral window on the seat of the surface height below shall be not less than 250 m m, or should be the protection device; All window glass of visible light transmission than all should not less than 50%, and should not be posted opaque and take any mirror reflective material of color paper or heat insulation paper.
The school bus regulation and NiTou car "the same position"
In addition, guangzhou is mandatory for every school bus installation with satellite positioning and camera function of the vehicle data recorder, cityEngineering Grade Reflective Film   bureau of education established based on school safety management nets (w w w.g school bus management platform, the platform by school bus system, the school bus illegal copy integrates against system, the school bus satellite positioning management system composition, the platform data and public security excuse vehicle illegal system networking, platform tape with the school bus drivers and detailed information, education, public security, public safety supervision department data sharing platform, the time monitoring school bus operation, personnel on the car in the video, and violations of the school bus, the school, the school bus in violations of summarizing, and to the relevant departments, schools feedback, prevent the school bus illegal behavior.
All school bus accident for many, WuJiang said that at present education department is working with the traffic police and related departments to High Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting negotiations on, on the school bus with the word and is expected to make new regulation speed, such as future school bus can use bus lane, driving school bus speed limit from now or 90 km/hour dropped to 60 kilometers per hour.
The school bus can be similar in 120 the ambulance special vehicle, has a set of independent management system? WuJiang said, at present the school bus traffic police have been incorporated into the key monitoring daily vehicle category, and NiTou vehicles such as car is monitoring "equally important" status