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How to ensure that the school bus safety North America

Not North America "harvest" is perfect in North America
In fact the school bus is not born in North America, even a start and not an automobile, but was born in 1837, England, is a kind of postal carriage modification, can take and student's large carriage, its color also follows the postal carriage popular big red, modern school bus several key features: have conspicuous coating sign; Parking is warning other car stops avoiding collision sign; Each person a seat, did not stand table, to ensure safety motorists,; In the back of the car have emergency exit, accidents, the door is convenient encounter more students after leave quickly, and so on, in that era has basically met.
But the school bus is indeed in North America perfect, and now people's heated "school bus safety", mainly refers to the north American style of the school bus. In 1908, the American auto tycoon ford invented the famous ford model T car, the car from the small family car to large passenger cars are all, one of the large car, soon became the first choice of the school bus, now although school bus already renewal for I don't know how many generations, but "skeleton" still come from the model T.
And different European countries, North High Intensity Grade Reflective Film America from a school bus to don't like ordinary bus, but pointed, engine lead, chassis is very high, resembling a car loaded with the coach of the trucks, the modelling although seem "ShaDaHeiCu", but can be the effective buffer to the school bus collision produced positive impact, and reduce the side wipe touch to the damage of the body.
Now people see of the north American school bus classical model: pointed, engine front, yellow black body, in 1939 is already forming, although through over half a century, has replaced the models for generations, but in appearance but almost no difference.
The superior from the security system of jingzhunan
Most north American school bus with relish, is its superior jingzhunan can. In fact in the school bus was born at the beginning of the tragedy of the elderly also happen from time to time, that in some American states, parents can't let students take the school bus to school, after school. By using the americans began compulsory legislation method, strengthen the school bus jingzhunan can.
In the 1930 s, some American states on both sides of the school bus start metal shielding rail; In the 60 s, school bus were required High Refractive Glass Beads Index 2.20 to be in several key vulnerable parts with metal strengthening parts, it is the key for the armored vehicles protection principles; The 80 s, many states in the top and bottom school bus began to modified double car body, further strengthen the jingzhunan vehicles.
The widespread use of the north American school bus card models pointed, lead the engine and high chassis Settings, bull and bull destroyed performance is good, especially the head-on collision positive and protective function best; All of the end of the school bus in North America, has an emergency can fully open the gate, so that after the crash of the students an emergency evacuation, this design can be traced back to Britain's "horse model school bus"; And the United States was changed, and is still in charge of the "federal school bus standard", body length, width, height, body inside the car aisle width of the 44 safety standards quantitative regulation, can be traced back to April 1939, this also is the world's first report on the standardization of the school bus legal document.
More strict than the United States is Canada. Although Canada school bus standard is learning from the American custom, and the color of the school bus, appearance, models and the United States almost similar, but more detailed, more demanding High Refractive Glass Beads Index 1.93 standards, such as the Canadian law, all the school bus for students to take the seat must all equipped with safety belts, and since 1 April 2006, each one new school bus must be equipped with 2 to 8 a safe seat fixed up seats, with convenient 18 kg weight of the students take the school bus safety seat. The rules for the school bus system from Canada to keep since birth of "traffic accident zero mortality", and Canada is therefore is known as "the most safe country global school bus.
Avoid more important than crash into
In fact the school bus is strong in North America, that was the school bus crew cut British and many European countries, and by these countries before the impact of the colonial countries, also have to switch to American school bus, the always stubborn British people will even the traditional red school bus, also to close and north American black and yellow, but some public opinion said the north American school bus also strong than armored vehicles, "" crashed hummer easy", it is to a great extent is overblown. On November 16,, a school busHazard Warning Tape in western Canada humble the inland province of the mountainous area TuoNa's suburban crashed into a large truck, although the latter has the brake, the school bus will still be destroyed headlights hit, two car driver and a girl seriously, and another girl minor injuries, were it not for the local sparsely populated, very few students in the school bus, fear more serious consequences. As a former poem province in British Columbia Victoria, a school bus coach said, again strong car or a car, to really improve the factor of safety measures to ensure the school bus from system as far as possible to avoid collision, rather than to simply let the school bus becomes as a tank into resistance