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Diversification of Taiwan's textile industry application of reflective material

Business community, November 14, Taiwan's textile industry to develop functional fabrics, began to be used in fashion garments;

If the fashion Golden Bear "Jack Nicolaus golf fashion China Reflective Fabric Manufacturer casual wear for the first time will Sunsoul fluorescence technology fabric used in the autumn and winter series of 09, showing the bright saturated with rich winter flavor;

Kat make up the company Giftstart (reflective material) and the Hin Polly the company Sinberly (functional material) to the successful launch of the world's first functional fashion safety reflective fashion, a breakthrough in the past limited to nighttime outdoor workers in reflective vests only recognition feature.

Yan Baoli quality High Intensity Grade Reflective Film functional fabrics, combined with the guitar to make up by the European Standard EN-471 certified reflective material, design aesthetics through the Textile Federation, Taiwan local traditional "temple family performance troupes cultural inspiration for the design fashion show new shine effect, called the initiative of the textile industry.

In addition, the Taiwan Textile Federation and guitar make up retroreflective material (reflective material) Petanque sport needs to develop both 3D to cut the ergonomics technology, and the use of colors to bring out the elegant and stylish lightweight casual sports Petanque .




Author: Huangshan Xingwei Reflectorized Materials Co., Ltd.
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