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Reflective material technically has a very high threshold

Reflective material technically has a very high threshold. In order to solve the technical problems, Kowloon glass under the hard work. On the one hand, to reflective sheeting convene the industry elite, expand technical force; On the other hand, cooperation with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and other universities, the introduction of the high-end technical talent of the optical, chemical and other fields. Addition, Kowloon glass also actively seeking the help of the government departments - cooperation with the the County Organization Ministry of Science and Technology Bureau and other departments, with the country thousands of plans to introduce "to hire technical adviser of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Professor High Refractive Glass Beads Index 1.93 Tang Zaikang, its to discuss technical problems. Up to now, the the bright arrows reflective material has become a the Kowloon glass brand products, market visibility bigger and bigger, and by the European EN471, U.S. ANSI, ISO9001 quality system and ISO14000 environment system certification. Its main products include reflective fabric, reflective heat foil reflective P C, reflective clothing, reflective ribbon, high-strength grade reflective sheeting, engineering grade reflective film, advertising grade reflective film, high-strength grade body anti cursor stickers Reflective Products.
Author: Huangshan Xingwei Reflectorized Materials Co., Ltd.
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