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Highway traffic police with new reflective vests

Recently, a new LED Strobe reflective vests with a strobe light is Commercial Grade Reflective Film dispensed to the highway traffic police in the city. Often in the flow of traffic in the rain, snow, fog and other inclement conditions, which is on the highway, police added security risk of a crash.

It is understood that this reflective vest before and after each of the two LED lights, can be given ongoing red and blue light, like two small lights ", Color Reflective Fabric even if the distance of several hundred meters can be clearly seen. This LED lights there, three, slow the explosive flash mode, use rechargeable batteries, a single charge can be used continuously for more than 10 hours.

The person in charge of the City Traffic Police Detachment, taking into account the personal safety of highway traffic police, highway management at the detachment for each traffic police are allotted this new reflective vests.