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Reflective tape driven road marking materials revolution

    In recent years, China's rapid development of road, especially highway reflective sheeting construction has entered a peak period of development. From the 1988 first expressway opened to traffic until the present, the traffic mileage of more than 100,000 km. The rapid development of transportation construction and road safety facilities, road signs a new and higher requirements. And plays an essential role in safeguarding the safety of road signs on the road. Hebei glue International Tape Co., Ltd., located in Hebei Zhuozhou seize this opportunity to develop and produce a high-performance road reflective tape.

    It is understood that the use reflective fabric of synthetic rubber and synthetic resin preformed adaptable, simple construction, reflecting a good, long life, self-cleaning and so on, can be used as a line of traffic signs, symbols, text, etc.. Especially when driving at night, marking reflective, exceptionally bright and eye-catching.

    Experts, high-performance reflective highway tape has many advantages, can be widely used in urban and rural roads, highways, docks, airports, toll stations, car parks and temporary delineated activities area. The high-performance reflective highway tape laying on the road to vehicle traffic, so the guarantee with the road construction, to avoid causing traffic congestion. Alert the driver at all times because of its excellent reflective, day or night, sunny or rainy days, there is a strong visibility and safe driving.